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rumor. is there more to it? it claims there is tape recorded evidence from fellow beatle george harrison proving that this happened.  >>> hurricane earl is coming up the east coast. it's on track time pact the beaches in our area at the start of the this long holiday weekend. we have team coverage just glgd the latest on the investigation into the discovery building investigation. police searched the home of the suspected gunman, james lee. new information and insight painting a picture of lee's personality and we will take a closer look. >> let's say good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. first a big day ahead on fox morning news. a big day in the race to d.c. mayor. the two leading candidates, mayor fenty and vincent gray will square off in another debate in our studios. it gets under way at 9:00 on fox 5 morning news. >>> first, all eyes are on earl this morning as the hurricane is a category 2 hurricane. it has been downgraded a bit. maximum winds are over 100 miles per hour. this is the scene in nags head, north carolina, wher
documentary called "paul mccartney really is dead" the last testament of george harrison. >> i want to say how much we all loved paul. >> reporter: paul mccartney was killed in a car crash in 1966. >> they had covered up the death at the behest of her majority's government and the british intelligence service mi5 who were afraid there would be a rash of suicides worldwide if paul mccartney's death was made public. >> reporter: director joel gilbert says his conclusions are based on statements made by another beatle found on two mini cassette tapes. >> so we have taken these tapes that has george harrison's voice on it and showed the entire film of the era chronologically. and george harrison himself narrates this film. >> reporter: gilbert says the man we've celebrated these past 44 years is a guy named william campbell, discovered during a secret paul mccartney look- alike contest. >> the beatless came out and denied it. then they broke up within six months. >> reporter: gilbert's documentary had its premier at this beatles's tribute festival at national harbor. >> is paul mccartney dead,
of the beatles george harrison confessing to a coverup that would shock the world? is paul mccartney dead? the rumors raged for years beginning in the late '60s. the band's beloved charmer killed in a car crash expected replaced by a look alike? out now a new documentary explores the rumors and the so- called clues. fox 5's bob barnard takes a look. ♪when i find myself in times of trouble ♪ >> reporter: who was that musical man on stage at the white house this summer? of course, it was the ageless beatle sir paul mccartney or was it? >> it's been a terrible burden of guilt. >> reporter: according to a new documentary called paul mccartney really is dead, the last testament of george harrison. >> i want to say how much we all loved paul. >> reporter: paul mccartney was killed in a car crash in 1966. >> they had covered up the death at the behest of her majesty's government and the british intelligence service mi5 who were afraid there would be a rash of suicides worldwide if paul mccartney's death was made public. >> reporter: director joel gilbert says his conclusions are based on sta
of the george harrison classic. pityain't it a for getting to give backe ity?t it a p we keep taking each other's love love, love, love ? ♪'t it a pity tavis: bettye lavette, an honor to have you on the program. >> thank you so much, tavis. i am honored. tavis: what the make of your voice? >> i cannot believe that suddenly people have discovered it. i think i waited for so long to hear them. this is my 48th year in show business -- not in life, show business. so to suddenly have people saying these things, the things they are saying, it is overwhelming to me they would suddenly discover me and say those things. i always kind of thought eventually they would discover me, but not that they would say the things they are saying. tavis: what the make of the fact you have been doing this almost 50 years and you are just now becoming critically acclaimed, discovered? this cd is being played everywhere. everybody. there is not a magazine, nobody in the music business who was not talking about this cd, unless they are under a rock. why 48 years later? >> it was not because i quit and joined a ch
when i am awake. kand so i had this dream of working with india arie and yo- yo ma to do the george harrison saw; and "-- song. this is the definitive way to do this. we are all in it together, we do not leave anybody out. t conviction, i am one of the few people that you can recognize by one note. god gave me that universal tone, and that is what we want to implement in all the songs. thank you. >> carlos santana, thank you for accepting the 2010 mayor's part award. >> to watch the ceremony, visit the home page of the arts commission website, sfarts commission >> welcome to coulterwire. the san francisco arts commission and department of public works has joined forces by battling graffiti by launching a new program called street smarts. the program connects established artist with private property owners to create a vibrant murals which is a proven an effective strategy for combating graffiti on private property. artists, along with his crew, recently transformed a building turn to vandalism into a masterpiece. let us take a look. >> part of me has so much compassion for other graf
: images are incredible. candid, personal photographs of rock royalty. john lennon, george harrison, ringo starr and paul mccartney. the beatles post-breakup in the early 1970s. >> okay. here's a nice color photo. >> reporter: patty daley's personal photo albums are documented proof of what beatle fans have only read about in books and mag seese. the biggest rock stars in the world were still working and playing and even at times they were living with each other here in southern california. >> very good friends, all of them kept in touch. >> reporter: daley's boyfriend at the time was this man, jesse ed davis. the go-to-guitarist for all the beatles on their solo albums. in 197 patty and jess spent most of their days with john lennon during his now infamous lost weekend and her polaroid camera was always in her purse ready to capture the rock icons who dropped in and out of lennon's inner circle. this was taken during the recording of his "pussycat" album and also during those alcohol fueled recording sessions, several shots of ringo starr and john lennon's girlfriend, his constant compani
documentary playing at a beatles festival at the national harbor this weekend that backs up the rumor. george harrison even admitted to the coverup on audiotapes sentd to the director -- sent director. >> they'll say these hundreds of clues in the albums, even in the songs played backwards, they say it's a mere coincidence and i can assure you it's impossible that hundreds of clues are a mere coincidence. either the beatles were in on a massive inside joke for five years or paul mccartney really is dead. >> gilbert says mccartney did die in a car accident in 1966 and the british government covered it up for fear an a rash of suicides worldwide. you can see the rest of the interview on woigs. >> thanks myfoxdc.com. >> thanks for joining us at fox at 5. >>> you know my record. you've seen the differences in how the debate goes, but most importantly, residents, you see the difference in the city. at your mayor, i will bring collaboration, integrity, and sound management back to the mayor's office. >> the two leading candidates in dc's mayoral race come to fox 5 to face off in a live debate with
. and vice chairman harrison says the council looks forward to working with the new county executive to make prince george's county the kind of a community that people really want to live in. we're live in prince george's county. back to you in the studio. >> okay. thanks, chris. you can see all the primary results on nbcwashington.com. >>> a d.c. fire truck crashed into a meo bus in northwest d.c. this morning. it happened here at 14th and madison near rock creek park. the fire truck was responding to a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle on 13th and madison. all 18 people aboard the bus and four firefightersrom the truck were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> smoke caused two metro stations to close today for about an hour this morning. service on thred line in gallery place chinatown d metro stations closed around 10:00. investigators say debris caused the smoke. >>> still ahead, new study about kids and computers says it is a good thing to leave them in front of a monitor. it could help them in school a in life. >>> plus the fight against fa the fda is deciding whether to
harrison. it's thursday, september 9th, 2010. >>> this morning, we've learned that the victim of a deadly shooting in prince george's county was only 15 years old. that shooting happened along the 68 hundred block of central avenue in capital heights. it happened late tuesday night. tracee wilkins joins us from capital heights with more on the investigation. tracee? >> reporter: this is a 15-year-old kid who was raised in this neighborhood, went to high school a block away from where we are standing right now, was shot and killed right here in front of this apartment complex. the police were back in front of the central garden apartments in capital heights this morning. they were searching for clueing and taking another look at the murder scene. >> we aren't for certain what happened. we know that a call was transpired from him to his home telling his mom he was en route home. he never made it home. 15-year-old justin pennell, a freshman at central high school was found shot on the squawk about 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. his cousin says, after a day of suffering from multiple gunshots, doct
on this thursday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm barbara harrison. in the news for today, we have just learned that the victim of a deadly shooting in prince georges county was just 15 years old. the shooting happened earlier this week in the 1500th block. they discovered justin suffered gunshot wounds and died yesterday. police have no suspects or a motive in the case. >>> let's check our weather now. tom, good morning. >> we've had a big change. now this morning we're down into the 50s. a couple of hours ago it's warming back up to 70 or so. will hit near 80 by the afternoon. gusts near 25 miles an hour in the last hour. we'll see that off and on throughout the rest of the day. tomorrow, more of the same. saturday, increasing clouds with highs near 80. it appears we might get much needed rain by sunday but may dry out in time for the game on sunday night. steve, how is the traffic looking now? >> a little better, tom. the outer loop of the beltway is a little slow but gradually improving. everything is opened and moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you, steve. i'll be back in an hour with
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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